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Conversations with leaders in the public, private, and non-profit sectors about working together to make NYC greater.
Eric Klinenberg_Greater Podcast Episode 4

Why Social Infrastructure Matters In A Time Of Social Distancing

During times of crisis, from Chicago during the 1995 heat wave to New York during the coronavirus pandemic, the disruption of physical spaces yields a new kind of social engagement with both friends and strangers. Eric Klinenberg, director of the Institute for Public Knowledge at New York University, explains how a crisis like the coronavirus […]


Neil Barsky_Greater Podcast Episode 3 (1)

Marshall Project Founder On the Pandemic, Criminal Justice and Journalism

The criminal justice system has been uniquely impacted by the spread of the coronavirus, from COVID-19 cases in the prison system to the challenge of keeping the court system moving. Marshall Project Founder Neil Barsky discusses American justice in the era of coronavirus — and how journalists can continue to hold the criminal justice system […]


Phoebe Boyer_Greater Podcast Episode 2

Children’s Aid CEO On Non-Profits In The Age Of Coronavirus

Children in poverty are among the hardest hit by the spread of the coronavirus, facing challenges from food scarcity to delayed reunification with parents after fostering. Children’s Aid CEO Phoebe Boyer describes how coronavirus has impacted at-risk children — and how private and public groups can mobilize to help those who need it most. ABOUT […]


Carl Weisbrod_Greater Podcast Episode 1

How New York City Evolves In Times Of Crisis

How do crises change the face of cities? New York City has always served as a test bed for major change. Carl Weisbrod, former chairman of the New York City Planning Commission and a senior advisor at HR&A Advisors, discusses how New York communities come together to solve some of the city’s thorniest challenges from […]