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Conversations with leaders in the public, private, and non-profit sectors about working together to make NYC greater.
Andrew Rigie

What Comes Next for NYC Restaurants and Bars?

Andrew Rigie, Executive Director of the New York City Hospitality Alliance, says that the bars and restaurants that make our city what it is are heading into another dark few months because of Covid. He explains the ways we can all support local restaurants throughout the remaining months of the pandemic, and help them — […]


Andrew Rein

NYC’s Budget Woes – and What We Can Do About Them

Andrew Rein, president of the Citizens Budget Commission, has been following the city and state budgets for some time, and he knows that the COVID-19 pandemic has put them both in a precarious state. Rein argues that there are lessons we can learn from previous fiscal crises, and that there are creative measures we can […]


Jarret Berg

Rolling Out NYC Voting Reform

Jarret Berg, cofounder of VoteEarlyNY, says there’s a lot that’s about to change about voting in New York, and a public education campaign is needed. Following up on our previous conversation about ranked-choice voting, we talk about other ways in which the vote can be suppressed in New York City, and the reforms to combat […]


Susan Lerner

What is Ranked-Choice Voting, and Why Should New Yorkers Understand it?

Susan Lerner is one of the city’s leading experts on ranked-choice voting. As Executive Director of the nonprofit Common Cause, she was instrumental in the campaign, during the New York City ballot initiative, to bring ranked-choice voting to New York City primaries and special elections. That measure, as part of a slate of Charter Commission […]


Sally Susman

Inside Pfizer’s Work on a Covid Vaccine

Sally Susman, Executive Vice President and Chief Corporate Affairs Officer at Pfizer, gives an insider’s look at how quickly development of a safe Covid vaccine is coming along. The New York City-based pharmaceutical giant is working closely with nonprofits, government, and other private companies to solve the biggest problem facing the world today. ABOUT OUR […]


Jonathan D. Harber

What is a Classroom? Covid-19, Education and Innovation

Jonathan Harber has been pushing for innovation in learning long before it became such a necessity during the pandemic. As someone who has started a charter school, as chairman of StartEd Inc, and as a board member of the Fund for Public Schools, he supports a community of innovators looking to find the pain points […]



Defund Police or “Divest and Invest”?

Nick Turner has spent decades working on criminal justice, policing and community issues. As president of the Vera Institute of Justice, he oversees nonprofit work in key areas like changing conditions in prisons, combating misuse of jails, and making justice systems more equitable and effective, especially among the city and country’s growing minority communities. In […]


Bradley Tusk

Where Tech and Policy Meet: From Mobile Voting to Solving Hunger

Bradley Tusk is a man who does many things to help democracy bring about positive change – from mobile voting to working the levers of government to bring an end to hunger. In this episode he also learns he’s an unwitting trisector evangelist, as his work bridges the non profit, private, and government sector worlds […]


Traill headshot

Saving Summer Jobs for the City’s Teens

Each summer in NYC, government, private, and public organizations come together to fund and manage a program that’s become vital to tens of thousands of young people in the city: the Summer Youth Employment Program or SYEP matches teenagers with hundreds of employers and pays non profits to manage these relationships. This year, in the […]