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Conversations with leaders in the public, private, and non-profit sectors about working together to make NYC greater.

Vice, Investing and the Future of New York

There’s a new “vice” in town. New York State has now legalized marijuana, and it will mean not just booming business but also tax revenue. Catharine Dockery, founding partner of Vice Ventures, has been investing in this space – as well as others categorized as vice – for years and believes they could be a cornerstone of New York’s recovery and future.


Catharine Dockery is the founder of Vice Ventures, a venture fund investing in early-stage vice companies. While interviewing with traditional consumer venture firms, she continually brushed against vice clauses in investment pitches, with this friction culminating in the idea for Vice Ventures. Prior to launching the fund, Catharine was an early member of the digitally native vertical brands M&A team at Walmart, working as an analyst in the e-commerce division. Catharine was the president of her class at NYU’s Gallatin School of Individualized Study, where she studied a self-directed major on the intersection of neuroscience and finance.




Cheryl Cohen Effron

Cheryl Cohen Effron spent most of her career as a New York-based real estate developer. Ms. Effron left full-time real estate work to dedicate her time to tri-sector (government, non-profit and corporate) solutions for urban issues. Ms. Effron is currently board chair of Greater NY, a non-profit she co-founded during the financial crisis in 2009 which pairs civic leaders in the business world with the heads of non-profit organizations in two-year one-on-one strategic partnerships.


Jamie Rubin

Jamie Rubin is a veteran of federal and state government and a longtime investment professional. He served in the Clinton Administration, then spent 15 years on Wall Street as an investment banker and partner with two global private equity firms. Jamie rejoined the public sector in 2012. Jamie is now CEO of Meridiam NA, a developer of large infrastructure projects in the US and Canada. Jamie is a graduate of Harvard College and Yale Law School. He and his wife, author and podcaster Gretchen Rubin, live in New York City with their daughters and a dog.